Day 2 In Sweden

Well I have to say, the hotel is pretty nice. The group gathered for breakfast, (included in the hotel price), although it took a bit to winkle Brent out of bed! The breakfast was totally amazing and David made the most of it, going back for thirds!

After breakfast we explored the bus/train station which were part of the hotel complex, very nice, lots of great shops. It puts our bus stations to shame. We all retired to the rooms to relax and pack for leaving Gothenburg at 11 a.m. on our way to Stromstad, which should be about a 2 hour drive. Well it turned out that getting out of Gothenburg was no easy task, with lots of roadworks confusing the GPS system! Finally we settle down to the drive with Brent at the wheel.

We arrived in Stromstad, a very cute seaside town of some 7,000 permanent residents, but expands during the summer in the tourist season. After navigating the town we stopped for lunch where David and I had Swedish meatballs made famous during his CTV Short Mat Bowls TV interview. We then did a random walk through the food supermarket (I will leave it to your imagination to think about 5 guys shopping for food with no idea as to what we need for meals).

Anyway, we then proceeded to find our AirBnB which is about 15 kilometres out in the countryside. Well, the GPS came up trumps and we arrived at the cottage. (See photo). Settling in consisted of negotiating where we were all sleeping. However, it was all finalized before the first of the “first world” problems arose…..the internet was not working….. Talk about 5 techies all gathered around making suggestions, which was solved in the time honoured way….reboot the system! Then the second “first world” problem…the TV was not working…argh ….guess what; plug the TV in! Then…argh…it’s all in Swedish!

Anyway, things are settling down and I will sign off…somebody is making a brew of tea. See you tomorrow for day 3!

Andrew, Chris, Brent, David and Mitch