DAY 20: June 21st

J, N and myself are playing tourist again today up on Tamborine Mountain which is located 45 km north of Mermaid Beach. It is a 28 square kilometre plateau that in 2011 boasted a population of 7,030. Highest elevation is 525m which is reached by very winding roads with ‘hairpin’ turns making the ears plug and then pop. 18% descent grade.

First stop was the Glow Worm cave which is a purpose-built facility that provides ideal moist conditions within a controlled environment, removing the impact of decreasing rainforests and human interaction for thousands of glow worms. These are the local species of glow worms found in southeast Queensland rainforests.

Glow Worms are the larvae stage of a small fly, and it is only in this stage that they glow which lasts about a year. They glow to attract small insects that rise from the leaf litter and water of the forest floor. To snare the insects they create silk threads with sticky droplets that hang down from the sides of the caves. Check out for more info.

We took a short drive to the Gallery Walk which consists of 60 art, craft, knick-knack shops and eateries along a strip of the main street called Long Road. The fudge shop took some of our money for a fudge sample bag and Australian licorice.

The next activity, Tree Top Challenge was for Jaymee and Nathaniel only (or was it?). It is the ultimate self-paced adrenalin adventure of over 100+ challenges spread over six courses. They took 2 hours to cover about two-thirds of the course on varying degrees of challenges which left them exhausted but amazed at what they had accomplished. Did Mom join them?? (check the pics and you decide).

Done on the mountain I drove them to Surfers Paradise to meet up with Alex and Shauna for dinner. I was to go with them but the many changes in elevation played havoc on my ears, they were still plugged and quite painful. I went home, peeled the custard apple bought on Monday which is very white inside and divided into sections each with a large seed in it. The texture is similar to a mushy pear with a sweet apple/pear taste, not something I could make a steady diet of. After tea and cough lozenges off for a snooze.

Shop on Gallery Walk

Gotta add this to my garden!

Start of the course

Jaymee and Nathaniel

Have 5 of these to cross even before the course starts

Did I join the kids?