DAY 21: June 22nd

There are semis and some final games happening at Broadbeach today, I went over in the late morning to exchange shirts with Jacqui from New Zealand and watch the end of the women’s singles final. The final games are filmed by overhead cameras played one at a time on one rink which is lined on both sides with metal bleachers for up to 200 spectators.

The winner, 20 year old Ellen Ryan from New South Wales, pocketed $13,000 for this win along with $5,000 for her share of the pairs win and another $1,500 for being named the Player of the Tournament. Who said bowls isn’t a profitable sport?

There were also BWD (Bowlers with Disabilities) playing in the Open. Lucas Protopapas from Melbourne, was sharing the third section of our house with his parents. He has cerebral palsy. Lucas made it to the men’s singles, pairs and fours knockout rounds.

After taking in the games, I met the BC’ers at the beach for a little while before going to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant for some much needed wonton soup then home for a nap.

We planned a whole house bbq for the 13 of us. Lucas’ dad cooked the sausages and lamb chops on the barbie (which he told me Aussies don’t actually say that). Roasted spuds, build your own salad and cheesecake rounded out the meal.

After dinner, the 8 team members signed an Angry Beavers shirt to go on display along with other bowls related items in a bowls museum (not sure if that is the correct terminology) which is being relocated to the Mudgeeraba Bowls Club later this year by Allan Law an Australian bowler who is in charge of the display.

Lights out at 10pm when everyone was sated and talked out.

Main rink for finals

Lucas’ dad Amando

Jaymee, the designer, signing the team shirt

Signed Angry Beavers team shirt