DAY 22: June 23rd

This is the last day we have in the Mermaid Beach house. The morning was spent doing light housecleaning, laundry and organizing things to pack.

The men’s singles final was on at Broadbeach when the BC’ers got there to pass on the signed shirt to Allan. The game was intense with the victor being 22 year old Nathan Pedersen from South Australia with a final score of 21-15. This is Pedersen’s 4th Open win with a win in each of the three disciplines and he claimed $13,000 of the total Open prize money of $250,000.

In total more than 4,500 matches were staged over 13 clubs during the event. The number of volunteers at each club were immensely appreciated by everyone.

After saying our good byes to bowlers we had met we went on home. The BC youngsters walked over to play a round of mini golf. I had Chinese food with Bill and Keith while watching Merlin. Off to bed soon after because we have to be up early tomorrow.

No specific photos taken today so I have some of Australian floral (not sure of all the names for them) that look beautiful even in winter.