DAY 23: June 24th

OMG, it must be written somewhere in ‘Vacation Rules for Dummies’ that having to awaken at 5am is never to happen. Transportation schedulers must never have been given a copy because we were up taking Alex and Shauna to the train station. Got there only to learn the train wasn’t running and they had to go by bus which was luckily waiting right there. On the bus they got then Jaymee and I headed back to the house.

The Nova Scotia crew were all packed and ready to head out at 7am to return their car then to Coolangatta to catch their first of four flights. Said our goodbyes then J and I thought we could get another 40 winks before setting out ourselves.

By 10am, the 3 of us had finished packing, locking up the house (lots of windows to check) and loading the car. We had to go by Broadbeach Bowls Club to return Shauna’s bowls she had borrowed to play her games with. One would never know that a huge 14 day tournament had just been played there because it was looking as it normally does.

We came up the coast from Sydney so we decided to travel somewhat inland back down. We (correction ‘I’) are driving about 6 hours today and staying overnight in Armidale – halfway to Sydney.

Starting out on the M1 for about an hour then onto the A1 through lush countryside and iconic towns with no high rises or even apartment buildings.

About 3 hours into our journey, we are driving through open rolling hills and Jaymee shouts “kangaroos”. I wheeled into what I thought was a road so we could all view the roos. A few feet in and realized it is someone’s driveway to an extremely large garage and the rambling house is situated in a dell below us. Pulled over to the side for a quick look and then skedaddled.

It was around supper time when we pulled into Armidale so we sought out the local pub and weren’t disappointed with our meals – massive burgers and chicken parm.

Local pub – The Wicklow

Yum, yum!

Quaint houses in towns we passed thru