DAY 25 & 26: June 26 & 27th

Well fellow bowlers, I am sorry to say that these two days weren’t that exciting for the traveling BC trio, more so for me than J & N.

On Monday, they hopped on the bus to downtown Sydney to revisit the Bridge Climb shop so Jaymee could pick up a Nanoblock (tiny Lego) replica of the Sydney Harbour bridge and then to Luna Park which is an amusement park that opened in 1935 but I guess it is pretty pricey for the rides they have.

After wandering around the waterfront for a bit they went to an outlet mall where Jaymee picked up a pair of Asics runners at a very good bargain.

I spent a quiet day at the apartment gathering up receipts and packing away items not needed before we go home. Dinner was at the Tudor Hotel where the special was 250g steak, chips and salad for $12,50 I don’t think I mentioned at the beginning of my blog that the tip is included in all meals and there isn’t any sales tax. The price you see is the price you pay.

Tuesday, we all slept in. I ventured out for about 45 mins as I was in search of drugs to help with the plugged ears. The pharmacist suggested Sudafed half hour before flying so I will try it. I also walked through Redfern Park just down from the apartment. J & N went out in the afternoon to scope the area around us and then we walked over to where I had parked the car for the two days we were in Sydney because street parking wasn’t readily available (had to move car between 7&9 am as well as 4&6 pm)

Had a nice leisurely 20 minute stroll to the parking garage, reached in my pocket for the keys and they weren’t there. I could clearly see them sitting on the bed. Holy c-rap, now what?? My loving daughter and N walked back to retrieve the keys, they were able to hop a bus for most of the way back. I apologized profusely, I knew things were going too smoothly.

We were going to have dinner again at ‘our’ pub be we didn’t feel like it so we went to Woolworths and picked up some nibblys. Lights out soon after eating because Wednesday is flying day!

Redfern Park entrance

Redfern Park memorial to the fallen

Sticker on a fisherman’s car in car park

Traffic sign that might be good for Victoria