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Maintaining our website requires many hours of painstaking attention to detail. Despite the best efforts of the Website Committee members, mistakes do happen.

Website problems occur for many reasons. Sometimes they’re the result of technical glitches. Other times it’s plain old human error – making spelling mistakes, entering wrong dates, and so forth. When errors occur, all who rely on the website for accurate up to date information suffer. That’s not acceptable.

Can you help? Yes! At the bottom of the website’s home page you will find the heading “Current Forms”. The last link is to the “Website Error Report” form. This is the form that will allow you to let us know when you spot something that we should be aware of. At this time of year there will be a number of website pages still dealing with 2018 info. These are not yet “errors” but even without them, as you visit the numerous pages that comprise the website, you may find items we could benefit from knowing about.

So, if you spot an error or even have an idea about something we could do better, give us a shout using the “Website Error Report”. We guarantee we will continue to make misteaks despite our best efforts to avoid them. 😉 Thanks!

Website Committee