Dore Cup

A great weekend of bowling was enjoyed by club members striving to win the coveted Dore Cup, the only club tournament which allows made up teams rather than teams “drawn from the hat”. The success of this tournament, as with all club events, is due in large part to the many members who give unselfishly of their time.

Not surprisingly some talented veterans finished in the finals. Harnam Grewal and partner/tournament manager Joan Firkins finished on top but only after an extra end in the final game. This was necessary due to the equally excellent bowling of John Cossom and Donna Blackstock. Many spectators enjoyed watching fine shots and tight heads for the final prize winning positions on all four playoff rinks. However, in the nail biting finish for the trophy it came down to John’s last bowl before Harnam could declare his final bowl and the winning pair could breathe again.

It was particularly encouraging to see newer bowlers Ian & Diane McMorran in the money round as well as newbie Cathy Denny who teamed up with Art Antrobus to enjoy success. For the rest of us who were reduced to spectator status our motto shall be “wait until next year”. Well done to all.


Winners, Harnam Grewal, Joan Firkins


A Event, Runner Up, John Cossom, Donna Blackstock


B Event, 1st Place, Mort Nelson, Karen Evans


B Event, 2nd Place, Betty Walker, Al Neumair


C Event, 1st Place, David Anderson, Linda Carswell-Bland, Joan Firkins (presenter)


C Event, 2nd Place, Art Antrobus, Cathy Denny


D Event, 1st Place, Diane & Ian McMorran


D Event, 2nd Place, Rod Armitage, Joan Firkins (presenter), Sandy Armitage