Dress Code

Dress Code

This page first published 2018-05-03

Lawn Bowling tournaments have a dress code.

The Daily Draw games, the League games and all short mat indoor games have no dress code, other than the requirement to wear flat-soled shoes and the request to display your name tag. 

Bowling Shoes

Shoes with minimal tread are essential to preserve the surface of our greens and our indoor mats. It is also very important that bowlers not wear their bowling shoes on the street, as plant infections may be picked up and brought to the greens.

Name Badges

Members are asked to wear their name badges to all club events to assist others to quickly become acquainted. Replacement badges can be ordered from the Kit Shop.

Dress Code for Tournaments

Whites or creams are to be worn at special club events such as Opening Day, visits, competitions (with a few exceptions), and tournaments. Whites are not required for members assisting at Open House. Whites and creams refer to trousers, pants, skirt and shirts. Club shirts may be worn at any draw or singles tournament in lieu of white.

In 2018 we updated our club vests, caps and yellow club shirts for a completely new look. When playing as part of a team in a tournament, team members may wear white, club (either the new look, or the old), or other coloured shirt providing all team members are dressed alike. A hat may be of any colour.

Outer wear for cold and wet weather may be of any colour, although members should not wear red to avoid being confused with umpires who are identified by a red shirt or jacket.

If in doubt about dress code, please check with the Drawmaster or any member of the club Executive.

Where to find whites? Retailers who sell uniforms, especially hospital uniforms, can help. Club shirts are usually on display in Anderson House.