Emblematic of a great club

Some club members may not be aware of the history of the wooden club emblem attached to the north wall of Anderson House.

The crest was designed by local artist Arlene Davey along with husband and former club member, George. Their design won a competition as part of the club’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the plan being to introduce a new club emblem to replace the “sea and mountains” one then used on the club pin.

Once the oak leaf emblem was approved, the late Jon Magwood, club handyman extraordinaire, went to work cutting, assembling, and painting the various components. In concert with the wooden emblem, Arlene produced the fabric banner which hangs over the kitchen in Carnarvon House.

It has recently come to light that each year Arlene and George drop by the club to freshen up the emblem by carefully redrawing its lettering. That folks like Arlene and George continue to keep the club in their thoughts with this gesture of support is a testament to the spirit of our club.

Arlene, George and Jon are but the tip of a large iceberg. Like a real iceberg, a great deal of what goes on remains unseen. Many others work out-of-sight and without recognition. This is unfortunate but perhaps knowing they will likely remain unrecognized is a testament to their character.

It would be nice if we could know every contribution big and small made by every member. But we can’t and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Sometimes we just have to imagine, and appreciate one another.