Fall Classic Two Mat Short Mat Tournament

Winners (June Klausen Presenter) Mort Nelson, John Cossom, Jennifer Letkeman (not on photo)











Second Place (left to right) Karen Evans, Andrew Harley, Tom Scharien

Second Place: Karen Evans, Andrew Harley, Tom Scharien









Third Place (June Klausen Presenter): Robert Game, Pat Thomas, Harnam Grewal

On November 5-6, six teams had a great time participating in a short mat triples tournament – the first to be played on the two-mat set-up in Anderson House. The second mat is in place thanks to the forward thinking of Brent Jansen, and the great organizational work of Garry Anderson and the many volunteers he assembled to move many lockers, allowing  the second mat to be squeezed in. Luckily we kept the old green mat when we purchased the new blue one a few years ago. The speeds and draws of the two mats are quite different, which certainly adds to the challenge. But that’s lawn bowling!

 A complete five-game round robin was played. The team of John Cossom, Mort Nelson and Jennifer Letkeman emerged as the winners with a 5-0 record. Second with three wins was the team of Andrew Harley, Karen Evans and Tom Scharien, based on a better score differential than the other three-win third place team of Harnam Grewal, Pat Thomas and Robert Game.
Thanks goes to Kay Alexander, who was active in the Carnarvon kitchen and provided snacks, coffee and tea to sustain short mat players who played five competitive games in two days, and for some three games back-to-back.  All in all, a good time was had by all. We dutifully “christened” the new two-mat setup, and successfully coped with the challenge of 12 players in a relatively small playing space.

John Cossom