Final Short Mat Tournament of the Season

The club held its final Short Mat Tournament of the season in  Anderson House (two mats) and Carnarvon House (one mat). The club enjoyed a turnout of 36 players which equalled the record turnout for our February Tournament. As in Feb this gave us 12 teams of triples, which meant we played with 3 pools of 4 teams. This gave each team three games in each pool. As in most tournaments there was a certain amount of reshuffling at the last moment to accommodate withdrawals due to injury but Erik Ewen stepped in help out. Thank you Erik.

The tournament ran smoothly. A lot of this was due to experience gained in last months tournament. The three pool format enabled the scheduler to provide a very symmetrical draw, each team played three matches, one on each of the three mats.

The fees collected, and scores  kept by the house managers; the nibbles, tea and coffee supplied by the kitchen helpers…..thank you all.
Everything ran very smoothly and wrapped up around 4 pm with a gathering at the bar for refreshments. Our president did the honours giving out the prizes with his wit and humour. Proceeds for the tournament were donated to the club.

Thank you bar tenders for opening the bar for the thirsty players!

This is the last tournament of the short mat season, we thank you all for participating in what has been a successful season. See you in the Fall





Pool 1 Winners: Garry Anderson, June Klausen, Georgia Thorneycroft,
Brent Merchant (presenter)

Pool 2 Winners: Brent Jansen, Kay Alexander, Brent Merchant (Presenter)
Lorne Cowley (missing)

Pool 3 Winners: Mary Magill, Svend Klausen, Kathy Denny,
Brent Merchant (Presenter)