Fran McAdoo

Fran McAdoo

This page rewritten February 6, 2016 based on an article from the OBLBC newsletter of September 25, 2013.

Fran McAdoo

Fran McAdoo receiving the Bowls Canada Boulingrin Award of Merit

Fran McAdoo gave exemplary service to the bowling community over two decades, the majority of the period being at Oak Bay (1995-2012).

She built an enviable record of achievement as a Coach, Umpire and organizing Official. She was elected to Life Membership October 2013.

Few here in BC, or in the country for that matter, can lay claim to the sort of stature and respect that she has earned.

Fran’s most notable achievement was as Chair of the Organizing Committee for lawn bowling at the Commonwealth Games held here in Victoria in 1994. She took over the position at short notice, just six months before the start of the Games. The Queen officiated at the Opening Ceremony for the Games, and attended the first lawn bowls game at Juan de Fuca. Fran acted as official host to the Queen in her capacity as Committee Chair.

Following the Games, in recognition of her invaluable work in ensuring the success of the Games’ lawn bowling component, Fran was presented with the Bowls Canada Award of Merit.

In 1998, Fran co-chaired the Canadian National Championships, played at Juan de Fuca, with John Anderson. At the same time, she was the Chief Area Umpire for Bowls South Island. She was given the Bowls BC Volunteer Award following these Nationals.

She then became the Provincial Umpire, a post that she held for three years. She was Head Event Umpire for the Junior Nationals in 2002 held at Oak Bay, the Indoor Nationals held at Pearkes Recreation Centre in 2002 and 2003, and the Junior Nationals again in 2004 held in North Vancouver, followed immediately by the Major Nationals held in Vancouver.

Fran was presented with the President’s Award for her services to lawn bowling at the Bowls BC AGM in October 2004.

On the coaching front, soon after Fran joined the Club in 1995, she was asked to coach Sherrey Sidel, then a junior bowler here who later went on to win the Provincial and National junior championships three years running (1996-97-98). Fran, a Level 2 coach, helped to coach novices and experienced bowlers for a good many years at the Club.

In addition to all this, Fran served for a number of years on the Executives of both the Club and Bowls BC.