Friday Visitors Night

Under blue skies and warm temperatures, the club’s first Friday Visitors Night of 2016 got under way on 6 May. A total of 36 bowlers came out despite many women having already played that morning in the first day of the season-long Campbell Cup women’s pairs competition.

The evening draw included a number of new faces who tried bowls for the first time. The usual post-game critique and refreshments were enjoyed in Carnarvon House following the game.

A special thank you to Prim Wood, who has managed the Friday Visitors Night draw longer than most can remember. She’s become our Energizer Bunny, a member who gives endless hours to the service of others.

Finally, a reminder to new and veteran bowlers alike – “Lawn bowls is a precision game, played on an imperfect surface, by imperfect players, which sometimes creates surprising results!