Game Officials

Games Officials

Updated 2019-07-02 with a current list of club Markers and adding an Excel workbook showing the names of all the Umpires and Markers in the 11 BSI clubs.

Club members can take courses that train them to be Markers, Coaches and Umpires. They can then be called upon to officiate at games and/or develop the skills of other players

      1. Markers assist the players in a singles game by centering the jack, marking touchers, identifying shot bowls and various other duties that speed up the progress of the game. A supply of markers is always needed for singles tournaments. You need to take a half day course to qualify as a marker. 
      2. Umpires officiate at important games, ensuring observance of the Laws of the Sport and being the ultimate authority on any measurements required during a game.
      3. Coaches are required to have a thorough knowledge of the game and to pass a one-day coaching course offered by Bowls South Island (BSI). Coaches are particularly involved in training newcomers to bowling. 

Here is an Excel workbook that lists all the umpires and coaches in the 11 Bowls South Island Clubs.