Garden Sale earns much needed funds

Gardeners don’t grow old, they turn to pot. And so they did today as they turned their attention to the sale of pots, plants and numerous garden implements. Details are in Georgia’s report which follows. Great job gardeners!

The Garden Sale held on Saturday morning, May 26th, was a great success. It was a nice sunny, warm morning and even though it started off slowly, we had a steady stream of people come through the gate. Nearly everyone went away with purchases. The plants were the best sellers but we also sold a number of tools, pots, and miscellaneous items.

I would like to thank all the club members who supported this event either by donating pots when we first started to split the perennials last fall and to those who donated items to the sale. A big thank you to those who took time who helped out on Friday with the pricing of the plants and articles for sale and on Saturday during the actual sale. A number of members arrived bright and early to help with the set-up, others were sellers between 10am and noon, and others came to help clear away anything that was left over at the end. There are still a few plants left for purchase and a Black and Decker electric lawn mower in case you missed the sale.

Everything went very smoothly thanks to a great team of helpers. We took in just over $600.00 which was an amazing success and this money will go towards the Anderson House Expansion Project.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and help. I could not have done this alone.

Georgia Thorneycroft