Gardens at Oak Bay Bowling Club

Behind the Scene of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Gardens by Georgia Thorneycroft imageFor the past six months, a dedicated group of gardeners have met every Monday morning ( and some Wednesday mornings at the beginning of the season) for approximately three hours. This year the group includes Sandy Armitage, Sylvia Brewis, JoAnn Edquist, Jennifer Harley, Alan Longstaff, Georgia Thorneycroft, and Wendy Wardle. We have been very busy and accomplished a lot. One of the first projects involved a team from the Grounds Committee, under the guidance of Rod Armitage, who topped the evergreen hedge along the north side of the property. The border under the hedge was extended about 12 inches outwards and sand and manure was added. The east bed, thanks to Harnam Grewal and Jeff Machan, was dug out and a tree was removed to allow for a longer perennial garden. We have also replanted the front circular bed with some perennials that will provide colour all year round, especially in the winter months. Both corner beds and the front bed have been edged with black rubber edging. The three lilac bushes in the east corner and a tree in the west corner have been pruned and thinned out. Six new fiberglass urns were purchased for along the west fence as the wooden boxes had rotted and Alan installed the watering system in them. Alan also keeps the watering system for the gardens in top shape and makes sure that all plants are receiving sufficient moisture. We have also cleaned out the compost area and behind the new shed. We put landscape fabric, a layer of sand and cement blocks behind the shed. Now we can store the garbage cans that we use for garden refuse there so they are out of sight. Every week we continue to weed, dead head and do general maintenance. It has been very rewarding work and we want to thank you for all your compliments throughout the season. Lots more photographs