Hola from Tardajos – Donna

Published on Behalf of Donna Blackstock – Donna is walking the Camino Frances – a 5 weeks and 800 km journey that attracts over 250,000 participants.



Today arrived in Tardajos, a small town outside of Burgos. The albergue is La Casa de Beli. This is a very nice place, as albergues go and so far, on that front, I have done well with the facilities and meals that have been offered. I will try to send some shots of the Pilgrim Meal tonight.

When I left the Sante Fe albergue this morning in Cardnuela de Riopico, it was very foggy! I was glad I had someone to walk with as it was about 14k on country road and then through an industrial area to get into the tourist section of Burgos.

Burgos is a fairly large city and as it was Saturday there was lot going on, weddings, tourists everywhere, but still lots to see. As you turn the corner you come face to face with the immense Gothic cathedral of Santa Maria. Tourists can enter a side door and walk through one chapel without buying a ticket for the two hour tour so I did that.


Yesterday when we left Villafranca we walked through a Pine forest and then it gradually turned into a forest of Oak. It was very different not to have a wide expansive view of fields and some towns in the distance.

The walk down into Riopica was long and steep with lots of loose rock. It did create a couple of small blisters on my right foot so I am taking care if that and hoping that some flatter terrain will help. The albergue Santa Fe was very good and the woman who did the registration (passports handed in every time) also cooked dinner and did breakfast this morning!

I am meeting people from all over the world. One of my room mates tonight is from Iceland!