Hola from Villarente – Donna

Published on Behalf of Donna Blackstock – Donna is walking the Camino Frances – a 5 weeks and 800 km journey that attracts over 250,000 participants.


Hola from Villarente,

Hi everyone, I am doing fine……heaps better anyway. Since the podiatrist visit and the confirmation of infection, I have skipped a day and rode the bus, I am pounding antibiotics, lying with the foot straight up in the air and trying to cover the bits of sores etc. that need some “help”

I do have photos of my foot but I will spare you all that. As I write this it is Friday afternoon and the swelling is way down to what it was, as is some of the “oh gross!!” around the toes on my right foot.

On a much happier note, I walked 17k yesterday and 25k today and if someone was forced to stay in just one albergue for just one night, this might be the one. The entrance was like a lobby, dinner is in the restaurant and the outdoor courtyard is very nice.

I have investigated taking the bus into Leon which is just 12k away. This would save a bit of wear on my right foot and then I could push on to Valverde after a stroll through the city.

Last night I had my first paella. I thought you might like to see the facilities i.e. shower etc. Also, as you can see, I had some help finding this albergue.

The weather continues to be dry!!

Adios for now!




PS: An example of a Pilgrim Meal

Salad, chicken and ice cream. We had options for each course.