Jubilant Jubileers

Winners (L to R) Anne Van Bastelaere, Ivo Van Bastelaere (skip)

2nd A Event, Svend Klausen (skip), Al Wood

3rd A Event, John Cossom (skip), Al Wood (presenter), (missing) Mitch Fumalle

4th A Event, Mitch O’Brien, Harnam Grewal (skip)

1st B Event, Craig Wilson, Carah Webster (skip)

2nd B Event, Brent Jansen (skip), Wendy Lubinich

1st C Event, Jeff Leamen, Jim Sidel (skip)

2nd C Event, Diane McMorran, Ian McMorran (skip)

The 2017 Jubilee Pacific Pairs was played under cloudy skies and temperatures in the high teens making for ideal bowling weather. A total of 18 teams competed. Tradition requires that the team capable of winning this tournament must also have the strength to hoist what is a heavy shield weighing 25 lbs. Congratulations to the team of Ivo and Anne Van Bastelaere of Sidney LBC who achieved both requirements.

The greens were in good shape and played at a faster pace than in the past thanks to the efforts of John Correia our greenskeeper. Thanks too to tournament manager Al Wood who found time to also compete. The services of two umpires, Jim Ward on Saturday and Sue Watt on Sunday were very much appreciated. Finally, thanks to the club members who toiled in the kitchen providing refreshments and goodies and the bartenders who kept everyone supplied with libations.