June 1st Quaddie

Our June 1st Quaddie was all sun, blue sky, and warm temps. Greens were great and after opening remarks by tournament manager Art Antrobus, play quickly got underway.

For those not familiar with a Quaddie some explanation might help. A Quaddie consists of a team of four players. During the first game the team breaks into two teams of pairs to play other teams. For the second game the team will play as a triples team while the fourth member competes in a singles game. In the final game of the Quaddie all four members come together to play a fours game with each player bowling two bowls.

For this tournament the dreaded bear was on display. Tradition requires those who deliver a wrong bias to feed a quarter in the bear bank and ring a bell to announce the misdeed. The final photo below shows two honest bowlers who owned up to their faux pas, although they vowed not to be in a similar photo at the next tournament.

To use a well-worn phrase, a good time was had by all. Even those of us who didn’t make it into the prizes still enjoyed the camaraderie of bowling with friends.

Winners (L to R) Diane McMorran (third), Anne Payne (second), Elizabeth Millar (lead), Missing Ron Harmer (skip)
Second Place, Kay Alexander (third shared), Missing Robbie Bagot (third shared), Art Antrobus (skip), Georgia Thorneycroft (lead), Sylvia Sinclair (second)
Third Place, Bobbi Charlton (third), Marcia Thorneycroft (second), Allan Wood (skip), Barbara Davidge (lead)

Consolation prize, Rod Armitage, Sandy Armitage, Tom Scharien, Layla Godfrey