June Mixed Quaddie

Winners (L to R) Stuart Fraser (lead), Robert Game (second), Betty Emery (third), Alan Hall (skip)

2nd Place, Stephen Rikley (second), Tanis Ranger (lead), Garry Anderson (skip), Gayle Wallach (third)

3rd Place, Louise Mason (skip), Beverley Regan (second), Art Antrobus (third), (missing) Tom Scharien (lead)

Another fun club tournament known as a Quaddie took place on Saturday June 3rd. This event was a mixed Quaddie consisting of eight teams. For those unfamiliar with the term Quaddie, it consists of a team of four players. During the first game the team breaks into two teams of pairs to play other teams. For the second game the team will play as a triples team with the fourth member competing in a singles game. In the final game of the Quaddie all four members come together to play a fours game with each player bowling two bowls.