Labour Day Quaddie

The rain held off on September 1st. for 68 members to enjoy the 2014 Labour Day Quaddie, plus another 8 members to enjoy the afternoon, playing in a “Mini” Quaddie.

Three teams managed to win 4 of the 5 games played and so final placement was determined by the ratio of For/Against resulting in:-

1st. Place :-    Team # 11     Jeff Machan,  Donna Blackstock,  Pat Metcalfe / Lorraine Neumair,  and  Barb Roemmele.
(Ratio 2.237)

2nd. Place:-    Team # 3       Al Neumair,  Anne Bolton,  Elaine Hasler  and  Roy Edquist
(Ratio 2.158)

3rd. Place:-     Team # 10     Kay Alexander,  Jim Brown,  Wendy Appleyard  and  Art Mountain.
(Ratio 1.240)

Tournament Manager,
Art Antrobus.

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