Lawn Bowling – a game for life!


Updated October 6, 2018 with minor text alterations

Our club offers a very full program that provides daily social lawn bowling games, and plenty of opportunity for players who enjoy the competitive side of the sport.

You can be a competent lawn bowler all your life. Our membership ranges from teenagers to those in their 90s!

The club is one of Oak Bay’s most heavily used sports facilities with organized lawn bowling sessions every day in the summer season. There are 7 social games per week for club members, plus 18 one- to two-day tournaments each season, and a men’s and a women’s league.

Daily Draws

Midday friendly games are held five days a week—if more than one player shows up! (One nice thing about casual lawn bowling is that you don’t need to find a partner to play. You can come and go as you please—there is no commitment.)

There are casual evening games every Wednesday. There is also an evening game on Fridays—Visitors Night—when the public can join us without charge.

These organized daily games are known as “Daily Draws” since three-person teams are decided by drawing names at random.

The usual turnout for a Daily Draw on a fine day is about 15-20 players. The turnout Is usually much higher at 50-60 for the special draw every Thursday, which includes a lunch break. There is a also special draw every Saturday when we break for afternoon tea.


In addition to the Daily Draws, there are separate leagues for men and women that play pairs games every week. We give everyone a chance to succeed in their league by randomly assigning the pairs before each game.


We hold 14 one-day or two-day tournaments a year for club members. Even though these are competitive tournaments with small prizes, we maintain the friendly atmosphere by randomly assigning players to teams. So even beginners have as good a chance of “owning the podium” as anyone else.

We also host four of the 50+ annual competitive BSI Tournaments which are open to club teams from any of the 11 Bowls South Island clubs.

For more details about lawn bowling at our club see: The Game, Daily Draws, Leagues, Club Tournaments, BSI Tournaments, Player Development, Novices Program.

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