Club Tournaments

Fourteen club tournaments a year
2015 Labour Day Quaddie tournament at Oak Bay LBC

2015 Labour Day Quaddie tournament at Oak Bay LBC

Updated August 12, 2017, with new version of the 2017 Labour Day Quaddie  poster showing changed start times.

Everyone has a chance to win in our club tournaments

There are 14 members-only tournaments that are held at our club during the summer season. Typically a tournament lasts one or two days in which you will play three to five games.

Our club tournaments are competitive in that game scores are recorded, but you absolutely do not have to be an expert player. All entrants have much the same chance of reaching the podium since team members are randomly assigned.

(In the 2017 season to July 18, after five club tournaments, 42 different club members have occupied the 48 “podium places” awarded.)

So don’t hesitate to enter; tournaments are a lot of fun—and you get to wear whites and at least look the part. 🙂

Dress code for tournaments
Position sharing in club tournaments

Registration for club tournaments

You register for a club tournament on a signup sheet in Anderson House. The signup sheet is posted about a month before the tournament date. The deadline for registration is about five days before the tournament begins.

There are four singles tournaments and ten team tournaments. All but one of the team tournaments are random draws by position (Skip, Vice, etc.) You enter as an individual and will be assigned to a team. The Dore Cup is the only exception, where you pick your own partner.

Your skip will call you just before the tournament to tell you who is on your team for the day.

laptopWe are currently considering online registration for club tournaments. It has been used for our winter short mat tournaments and works well.  However, before we implement it for the outdoor game, we need to make sure no club member is disadvantaged by not having online access from home.

 Tournaments 1

 Club Tournaments—Singles, Pairs, Triples, Quaddies

The members-only club tournaments for 2017 are shown below. Click on the headings to reveal the details of each tournament, including the tournament poster and the list of players registered to date. Results are published once the tournament has been played.

01 Victoria Day Triples (M&W) May 22, 2017
02 Miller Cup Mixed Triples (M&W) May 27-28, 2017
03 Mixed Quaddie (M&W) June 3, 2017
04 McEwan Men's Pairs (M) July 18, 2017
05 Maddalon Women's Scotch Pairs (W) July 28, 2017
06 Hart Men's Singles (M) Start date June 1, 2017
07 Burgers & Bowls (M&W) June 18, 2017
08 Canada Day (M&W) July 1, 2017
09 Hadfield Women's Singles(W) August 21, 2017. Cancelled.
10 Novice Singles Men (M) July 19-20, 2017
11 Novice Singles Women (W) July 19-20, 2017
12 Dore Cup (M&W) July 29-30, 2017
13 Sage Green Pairs (M&W) August 5, 2017
14 Labour Day Quaddie (M&W) September 4, 2017

BSI tournaments offer serious competition

BSI Jubilee Pairs tournament held at Oak Bay June 10-11, 2017

BSI Jubilee Pairs tournament, Oak Bay LBC June 10-11, 2017


For those who enjoy serious inter-club bowls competition, there are more than 40 Bowls South Island (BSI) tournaments, of which three are held at our club. These BSI tournaments are open to any member of the 11 Southern Vancouver Island Clubs. There are also Provincial and Canadian tournaments.