Club Tournaments

Sixteen club tournaments a year
2015 Labour Day Quaddie tournament at Oak Bay LBC

2015 Labour Day Quaddie tournament at Oak Bay LBC

Updated 2018-05-22 with results of tournament 01 Victoria Day Triples 

Everyone has a chance to win in our club tournaments

There are 16 members-only tournaments that are held at our club during the summer season. Typically a tournament lasts one day in which you will play three to four games.

Our club tournaments are competitive in that game scores are recorded, but you absolutely do not have to be an expert player. All entrants have much the same chance of reaching the podium, since team members are randomly assigned.

By the end of the 2017 season, the tournament results showed that 67 different club members had occupied the 94 “podium places” awarded. Six of the medallists were novices. The podium places had an exact gender split – 47 females and 47 males – which certainly verifies the claim that bowling is an equal-opportunity sport!

So don’t hesitate to enter; tournaments are a lot of fun—and you get to wear whites and at least look the part. 🙂 See Dress Code for tournaments.

Position sharing in club tournaments

Position Sharing

Positions may be shared during a club tournament.

Sharing is to be agreed on between two similarly graded players and the tournament managers prior to the tournament.

Two options:

  1. Players may choose to share ends throughout the tournament; or
  2. Choose to share games throughout the tournament.

This sharing policy was passed at the Executive Committee meeting of November 2014.

Online registration for all club tournaments

laptopNow that we have tablet computers in Anderson House and Carnarvon House, registration for all club tournaments will be online only in 2018. This means you can register from anywhere where there is internet access.

For those members who do not feel comfortable using computers, come to the clubhouse and let some other club member show you how easy it is to register. More than 96% of our members have e-mail IDs, so nearly everyone can help. Or, you can just ask another member to register for you. The registration forms are similar to those used for BSI tournaments at Oak Bay last year and this year, so the process is proven.

Online registration is already available for all 2018 tournaments. Registration will remain open until the deadline for each tournament. The deadline for registration is usually about five days before the tournament begins.

 Tournaments 1

 Club Tournaments—Singles, Pairs, Triples, Quaddies

The members-only club tournaments for 2018 are shown below. Click on the tournament headings to reveal the tournament poster which has details of each tournament. Each poster has a link to the entry form for the tournament. Entry forms contain a link to the list of players already entered.

Alternatively, in the footer of every page of this site (scroll down to the dark green area), you will find a list of entry forms for all of our club tournaments.

Using the online entry form, you can add your name to the tournament list whenever you wish, up to the registration deadline.

There are four singles tournaments and twelve team tournaments in the 2018 outdoor season. All but one of the team tournaments are random draws by position (Skip, Vice, etc.) You enter as an individual and will be assigned to a team. The Dore Cup is the only exception, where you pick your own partner. Your skip will call you just before the tournament to tell you who is on your team for the day.

“Trial ends begin at . . .” is used for tournaments. Trial ends are used to allow players to get the feel of the rink before actual play begins. Usually each player rolls two or four bowls each way for trial ends. Participants must judge the time they need to arrive before this posted time to allow for payment of entry fee, change of shoes and other preparatory activities.

Results are published once the tournament has been played.

01 Victoria Day Triples (M&W) May 21, 2018

Victoria Day Triples poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

Fun-filled one day tournament May 21, 2018 followed by dinner.

“Fun-filled” is no exaggeration. Check out the report on Victoria Day 2017, especially the photo gallery.

Results of 2018 Victoria Day Triples

  1. Andrew Harley, Elaine Hasler, Sheila McCall
  2. Louise Mason, David Anderson, Marion Burow
  3. Brent Jensen, Gerry Emery, Ronnie & Cheryl Stinson
  4. Henriette Ballinger, Peter Insley, Anne Payne

See 2018 Victoria Day news report and Player List of 20 triples teams.

Results of 2017 Victoria Day Triples

  1. Linda Carswell-Bland, Robert Game, Robbie Bagot
  2. Brent Jansen, Georgia Thorneycroft, Bryan Valdal
  3. Henriette Ballinger, Peter Insley, Ian Capon
  4. Rod Armitage, Sylvia Sinclair, Jo-Ann Edquist

See 2017 Victoria Day news report.

Results of 2016 Victoria Day Triples

  1. Jeff Machan, Ian McMorran, Sylvia Sinclair
  2. Pat Thomas, Steve Dix, Barb Davidge
  3. John Nadin, Marilyn Turpin, Sheila McCall
  4. Rod Armitage, Joan Hall, Jim Cliff

See 2016 Victoria Day news report.

Results of 2015 Victoria Day Triples

  1. Harnam Grewal, Mary Forster, Cheryl and Ronnie Stinson
  2. John Nadin, Susi Merchant, Jo Ann Edquist
  3. Al Neumair, Shelley Sidel, Marcia Thorneycroft
  4. Jeff Machan, Gayle Wallach, Norma Alison

See 2015 Victoria Day news report

02 Mixed Quaddie (M&W) June 2, 2018

June Mixed Quaddie poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

A one-day mixed tournament. A team of four plays one each of doubles, singles, triples and fours. June 2, 2018.

Results of 2018 June Mixed Quaddie

  1. Allan Wood, Sandy Armitage, Stu Fraser, Gayle Wallach
  2. Linda Cowie, Alan & Joan Hall, Jennifer Letkeman, Mike Antolin
  3. Karen Evans, Andrew Harley, Luci Ewen, Eric Fraikin

See 2018 June Mixed Quaddie news report and Player List.

Results of 2017 Spring Mixed Quaddie

  1. Alan Hall, Betty Emery, Robert Game, Stuart Fraser
  2. Garry Anderson, Gayle Wallach, Stephen Rikley, Tanis Ranger
  3. Louise Mason, Art Antrobus, Beverley Regan, Tom Scharien

See 2017 June Mixed Quaddie news report.

Results of 2016 Spring Mixed Quaddie

  1. Allan Wood, Joe Rossi, Diane McMorran, Stuart Fraser
  2. Henriette Ballinger, Garry Anderson, Gerry Emery, Tanis Ranger
  3. Al Neumair, Andrew Harley, Joan Hall, John Dolman

See 2016 Spring Mixed Quaddie news report.

Results of 2015 Spring Mixed Quaddie

  1. Helen Kempster, Betty Emery, Mort Nelson, David Sinclair
  2. Michael Lum, Faith Magwood, Peter Insley, Marcia Thorneycroft
  3. Linda Cowie, Jack Coupe, Eric Jones, Sylvia Sinclair
03 Hart Men's Singles (M) Start date May 31, 2018

Hart Men’s Singles poster 2018 (Open to Men only)

Men’s tournament played over several Thursday evenings, starting May 31. Schedule flexible.

Results of 2017 Hart Men’s Singles

1   Brent Jansen

2= Chris Slade

2= Eric Ballinger

2= Al Wood

See 2017 Hart Men’s Singles news report.

Results of 2016 Hart Men’s Singles

  1. Chris Slade
  2. Brent Merchant
  3. Eric Ballinger
04 Pizza Bowl (M&W) June 15, 2018

Pizza Bowl 2018 (Open to Men and Women)


05 Club Fun Day (M&W) June 23, 2018

New tournament for 2018.

Club Fun Day poster 2018 (Open to Men and Women)

Teams for Club Fun Day June 23

06 Canada Day (M&W) July 1, 2018

Canada Day poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

One-day, fun-filled, fundraising tournament: Mixed triples; 2-bowl, 6-pack format. Two games, followed by a “spider”; then two more games. July 1, 2018.

Don’t get caught without Wrong Bias Insurance for this tournament. Available on the day exclusively from Henriette and Eric Ballinger.

Finish your day with the Canada Day Dinner, (Dinner poster is from 2017. Will be updated soon.) including a 50/50 draw, fun quiz and a raffle. Order your tickets from Sheila McCall or phone 250-721-4078.

Results of the 2017 Canada Day tournament

Red Team, led by Ian McMorran, triumphed over the Blue Team, led by Al Wood.

See 2017 Canada Day news report.

Results of the 2015 Canada Day tournament

2015 Canada Day

Winners of the Bull Dog Bowl Pennant: The Red Team, led by Peter Insley
Awarded the Wooden Spoon: The Blue Team, led by Brent Merchant


07 Burgers & Bowls (M&W) July 15, 2018

Burgers & Bowls poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

Third year of a very popular half-day tournament of three eight-end games in response to request for some less-formal, after-tournament dinners. Likely to be full before the deadline, so book now.

This tournament for 16 three-person teams is set up so that two teams will win all three of their games and two teams will lose all three of their games. All four of these teams will win prizes. Playoffs decide the “winning winner” and the “losing loser.”

Results of 2017 Burgers & Bowls

  1. Al Neumair, Matthew Stow, Peter Woods
  2. Barbara Weaver-Bosson, Ronnie Stinson, Erik Ewen
  3. Mel Jones, Fern Price, Eric Fraikin

See 2017 Burgers & Bowls news report.

Results of 2016 Burgers & Bowls I

Best of the best: Jack Coupe, Kay Alexander, Frieda Mountain
Second best: Jim Sidel, Fern Price, Art Mountain
Worst of the worst: Garry Anderson, David Anderson, Ronnnie Stinson
Best of the worst: Sandy Coupe, Shelley Sidel, Bev Regan

These four teams were “in the money.” However, in this tournament prizes were continually awarded at random, so around half the players got a prize of some sort.

Results of 2016 Burgers & Bowls II

Winning team: Jeff Machan, Elaine Hasler and Lizzy Fraikin

In this second B & B tournament in 2016, again prizes were continually awarded at random.

08 McEwan Men's Pairs (M) July 17, 2018

McEwan Men’s Pairs poster 2018 (Open to Men only)

A one-day tournament. July 17, 2018.

Results of 2017 McEwan Men’s Pairs

  1. Rod Armitage and Gerry Emery
  2. Mitch Fumalle and Ian Capon
  3. Eric Ballinger and Matthew Stow

See 2017 McEwan Men’s Pairs news report.

Results of 2016 McEwan Men’s Pairs

  1. Eric Ballinger and Joe Rossi
  2. Al Neumair and Barry Hersh
  3. Mitch Fumalle and Robert Game
  4. Mort Nelson and Matthew Stow

Results of 2015 McEwan Men’s Pairs

  1. Rod Armitage and Ken Downing
  2. Mort Nelson and Robert Game
  3. John Cossom and Mike Antolin
  4. Garry Anderson and Mel Jones
09 Novice Singles Men (M) July 18-19, 2018

Novice Singles, Men poster 2018 (Open to Men only)

Multi-evening tournament July 18-19 to pick the male novice who will go on to BSI Novice Men’s Singles Tournament September 1-2 at Burnside LBC. 

Results of 2017 Novice Men Singles

  1. Edward Lounsbury
  2. Mitch O’Brien
  3. Derek Langdon

See 2017 Novice Men’s & Women’s Competition news report.

Results of 2016 Novice Men Singles

  1. Jim Cliff
  2. Steve Rikley
  3. Barry Hersh

Results of 2015 Novice Men Singles

  1. David Anderson
  2. Bryan Valdal
  3. Gordon Hryhoruk
10 Novice Singles Women (W) July 18-19, 2018

Novice Singles, Women poster 2018 (Open to Women only)

Multi-evening tournament July 18-19 to pick the female novice who will go on to BSI Novice Women’s Singles Tournament August 18-19 at Cowichan LBC. 

Results of 2017 Novice Women Singles

  1. Ellen Langdon
  2. Dale Mosher
  3. Christine Shepherd

See 2017 Novice Men’s & Women’s Competition news report.

Results of 2016 Novice Women Singles

  1. Tanis Ranger
  2. Lizzy Fraikin
  3. Cathy Denny

Results of 2015 Novice Women Singles

  1. Melissa Doyle
  2. Alyx Valdal
  3. Rosemarie Colterman
11 Maddalon Women's Scotch Pairs (W) July 27, 2018

Maddalon Women’s Scotch Pairs poster 2018  (Open to Women only)

Results of the 2017 Maddalon Women’s Pairs

  1. Henriette Ballinger and Jo Ann Edquist
  2. Pat Thomas and Barb Davidge
  3. Linda Cowie and Fern Price

See 2017 Maddalon Women’s Pairs news report.

Results of the 2016 Maddalon Women’s Pairs

  1. Diane Downing and Betty Emery
  2. Marion Woiblet and Diane McMorran
  3. Karen Evans and Barb Davidge
  4. Linda Cowie and Mary McCutcheon

Results of the 2015 Maddalon Women’s Pairs

  1. Karen Evans and Diane McMorran
  2. Betty Emery and Marcia Thorneycroft
  3. Marg Machan and Sandy Armitage
  4. Kay Alexander and Barbara Foster
12 Dore Cup (M&W) July 28, 2018

Dore Cup Mixed Scotch Pairs poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

The only club tournament where you pick your own partner. July 28, 2018

Results of the 2017 Dore Cup

  1. Henriette Ballinger and Eric Ballinger
  2. Mary Magill and Brent Merchant
  3. Karen Evans and Art Antrobus

See 2017 Dore Cup news report.

Results of the 2016 Dore Cup

A Event
  1. Harnam Grewal and Joan Firkins
  2. John Cossom and Donna Blackstock
B Event
  1. Mort Nelson and Karen Evans
  2. Al Neumair and Betty Walker
C Event
  1. David Anderson and Linda Carswell-Bland
  2. Art Antrobus and Cathy Denny
D Event
  1. Ian and Diane McMorran
  2. Rod and Sandy Armitage


Results of the 2015 Dore Cup

A mass victory! Rain stopped play so the A, B and C finalists split the prize money equally.

2015 List of the victorious: John Cossom, Karen Evans, Anne Bolton, Joan Firkins, Peter Insley, Norma Alison, Mort Nelson, Donna Blackstock, Mel Forster, Sandy Armitage, Al Neumair, Rod Armitage

13 Miller Cup Mixed Triples (M&W) August 4, 2018

Miller Cup Mixed Triples poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

Each triples team has at least one male and one female. August 4, 2018

Results of the 2017 Miller Cup

  1. Eric Ballinger, Peter Insley, Tanis Ranger
  2. Jim Sidel, Pat Thomas, Mitch O’Brien
  3. Garry Anderson, Anne Bolton, Steve Rikley

See 2017 Miller Cup news report.

Results of the 2016 Miller Cup

  1. Donna Blackstock, Garry Anderson, David Anderson
  2. Al Neumair, Barrie Bolton, Mary Magill
  3. Linda Cowie, Andrew Harley/Bruce Hanwell, David Sinclair

Results of the 2015 Miller Cup

  1. Jim Sidel, Mel Forster, Jo Ann Edquist
  2. Linda Cowie, Rod Armitage, Diane McMorran
  3. Michael Lum, Duino Barbon, Sylvia Sinclair
14 Hadfield Women's Singles (W) August 20 2018.

Hadfield Women’s Singles poster 2018 (Open to Women only)

Format will depend on the number of entrants.

Results of 2017 Hadfield Women’s Singles

The 2017 tournament did not take place.

Results of 2016 Hadfield Women’s Singles

  1. Linda Carswell-Bland
  2. Henriette Ballinger
  3. Betty Emery
15 Sage Green Triples (M&W) August 25, 2018

Sage Green Triples poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

Teams will be randomly picked. Two experienced members with one member who has three or less years of experience. Concept is to encourage newer bowlers to enter tournaments. August 25, 2018. 

Results of 2017 Sage Green Tournament

(The organizers decided to change this tournament from pairs to triples.)

  1. Rod Armitage, Marian Burow, Jan Price
  2. Henriette Ballinger, Ian McMorran, Eric Fraikin
  3. Al Neumair, Jennifer Letkeman, Marcia Wood
  4. Al Wood, Sandy Armitage, Suzanne Ewen

See 2017 Sage Green news report.

Results of 2016 Sage Green Tournament

  1. Tom Scharien and Henriette Ballinger
  2. David Sinclair and Jennifer Letkeman
  3. Anne Payne and Rod Armitage
  4. Lizzy Fraikin and John Cossom

Results of 2015 Sage Green Tournament

  1. Melissa Doyle and Alan Hall
  2. Marcia Thorneycroft and Donna Blackstock
  3. Robert Game and Al Neumair
  4. Mary Magill and Linda Cowie
16 Labour Day Quaddie (M&W) September 3, 2018

Labour Day Quaddie poster 2018 (Open to Men & Women)

The Quaddie is a one-day mixed tournament to close the season. A team of four plays one each of doubles, singles, triples and fours. September 3, 2018.

Finish your day with the Labour Day Dinner, (2018 dinner poster not available yet) including a 50/50 draw, fun quiz and a raffle. Order your tickets from Tanis Ranger or phone 250-479-1913.

Results of 2017 Labour Day Quaddie tournament

  1. John Cossom, Shelley Sidel, Marcia Wood, Sheila McCall
  2. Andrew Harley, Freida Mountain, Betty Emery, Marilyn Turpin
  3. Art Antrobus, Carol Murphy, Barb Davidge, Pat Thomas/Jennifer Letkeman

See 2017 Labour Day Quaddie news report.

Results of 2016 Labour Day Quaddie tournament

  1. Rod Armitage, Joe Rossi, David Anderson, Steve Rikley
  2. Mitch Fumalle, Brent Jansen, Sylvia Sinclair, Susan DeGryp
  3. Andrew Harley, Barbara Weaver-Bosson, Mary Magill, Lila Mee

Results of 2015 Labour Day Quaddie tournament

  1. Jeff Machan, Norma Alison, Mel Jones, Wendy Varga
  2. Brent Merchant, Donna Blackstock, Ian Capon, Marian Burow
  3. Andrew Harley, Barbara Weaver-Bosson, Robert Game, Elaine Hasler/Jennifer Harley
  4. Linda Carswell-Bland, Brent Jansen, Beverley Regan, Gavin Prentice

BSI tournaments offer serious competition

BSI Jubilee Pairs tournament held at Oak Bay June 10-11, 2017

BSI Jubilee Pairs tournament, Oak Bay LBC June 10-11, 2017


For those who enjoy serious inter-club bowls competition, there are more than 40 Bowls South Island (BSI) tournaments, of which three are held at our club. These BSI tournaments are open to any member of the 11 Southern Vancouver Island Clubs. There are also Provincial and Canadian tournaments.