Multiple Club Tournaments Registration 2017

Multiple Club Tournaments Registration 2017
Updated May 3, 2017 testing usage for 2017.

The Multiple Tournament Registration form below enables you to register throughout the season for any of the members-only Club Tournaments. It will be available from mid-May to August 31.

Your alternative to using this form is to wait for the signup sheets that are posted in Anderson House two weeks before each tournament. You can then add your name to the list for that tournament.

By completing the online form below in advance of posting the signup sheets in Anderson House, in effect, you are “writing your name” on the tournament signup sheets before they are published. You can continue to use this online form up to the time of posting the paper signup sheet for each tournament.

You should be able to complete the form below relying only on the explanations within the form. If you want to read more about how the multiple tournament registration process works, click/tap on the headings below to reveal the details about each subject.

About this form

About this form

The registration form below, which will be available until August 31, enables you to reserve your place now in any or all of the members-only club tournaments scheduled for the summer of 2017. It is provided for members’ convenience so that they can register for all of their chosen tournaments for the remainder of the season in one pass.

There are four singles tournaments and ten team tournaments listed on the form. All but one of the team tournaments are random draws by position (Skip, Vice, etc.) You enter as an individual and will be assigned to a team. The Dore Cup is the only exception, where you pick your own partner.

The form is reusable. If you are not sure whether you are available to play at the moment, you can pick the tournaments you are sure of now and return to use the form again at a later date for other tournaments.

If you wish to cancel any reservations you have made, use the online Multiple Tournaments Cancellation Form.

List of 2017 Members-only Club Tournaments
2015 Tournaments for club members only

  1. Victoria Day Triples, May 18 (Open to Men & Women)
  2. Miller Cup Mixed Triples, May 30-31 (Men & Women)
  3. Mixed Quaddie, June 3 (Open to Men & Women)
  4. McEwan Men’s Pairs July 18 (Men)
  5. Maddalon Women’s Scotch Pairs, Dates TBA (Women)
  6. Hart Men’s Singles  June 1 onwards (Men)
  7. Burgers & Bowls June 18 (Men & Women)
  8. Canada Day, July 1 (Men & Women)
  9. Hadfield Women’s Singles, Dates TBA (Women)
  10. Novice Singles Men, July 19-20 (Men)
  11. Novice Singles Women, July 19-20 (Women)
  12. Dore Cup Mixed Scotch Pairs, July 29-30 (Men & Women)
  13. Sage Green, August 5 (Men & Women)
  14. Labour Day Quaddie, September 4 (Men & Women)
Description of new multiple tournament registration process

All-Season Tournament Registration Process

The multiple tournament registration form will be online from mid-May to August 31. A document showing all the tournament registrations for each player will be posted online. Player lists for each individual tournament will appear online and be updated automatically by any new registration.

You do not have to select all your tournaments now; you can re-use this form to add reservations any time up to August 31.

Your registrations will be posted to the List of Multiple Tournament Entries immediately.

If you complete the multiple tournament entry form below at least two weeks before the tournament date, your name will appear on the signup sheets of the tournaments of your choice at the time they are printed and posted in Anderson House.

You can continue to use the online form until the paper signup sheets are posted in Anderson House. These sheets will already contain the names of all those who registered online. 

The individual tournament player lists will remain online on the Club Tournaments page for your inspection until the tournament is played.

If you subsequently need to cancel your registration in any of these members-only tournaments, use the Multiple Tournaments Cancellation form, which can be found in the Footer of every page of this website.

The online registration process will not be allowed to use up all the places in tournaments where numbers are limited. There will be plenty of vacancies when the signup sheets are first posted to the Anderson House noticeboard.

Now proceed to the registration form below. Enter your identification information, select your tournaments by clicking on the REGISTER boxes, and then click on the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the form. DO NOT OMIT TO SPECIFY YOUR GENDER, otherwise you will not see all the tournaments for which you are eligible to register. You are not registered until you successfully submit the form.

You need to be logged in.

Your tournament registrations should be accepted as soon as you click on the SUBMIT button. You will receive an immediate confirmation via e-mail. Check to see that your name appears here on the List of Tournaments Entries for the 2017 outdoor season. If it does not appear — and you have received e-mail confirmation, contact Chris Slade to check on your registration status.