Multiple Club Tournaments Registration 2017

Multiple Club Tournaments Registration 2017
Updated May 3, 2017 testing usage for 2017.

The Multiple Tournament Registration form below enables you to register throughout the season for any of the members-only Club Tournaments. It will be available from mid-May to August 31.

Your alternative to using this form is to wait for the signup sheets that are posted in Anderson House two weeks before each tournament. You can then add your name to the list for that tournament.

By completing the online form below in advance of posting the signup sheets in Anderson House, in effect, you are “writing your name” on the tournament signup sheets before they are published. You can continue to use this online form up to the time of posting the paper signup sheet for each tournament.

You should be able to complete the form below relying only on the explanations within the form. If you want to read more about how the multiple tournament registration process works, click/tap on the headings below to reveal the details about each subject.

About this form
List of 2017 Members-only Club Tournaments
Description of new multiple tournament registration process

Now proceed to the registration form below. Enter your identification information, select your tournaments by clicking on the REGISTER boxes, and then click on the SUBMIT button at the very bottom of the form. DO NOT OMIT TO SPECIFY YOUR GENDER, otherwise you will not see all the tournaments for which you are eligible to register. You are not registered until you successfully submit the form.

You need to be logged in.

Your tournament registrations should be accepted as soon as you click on the SUBMIT button. You will receive an immediate confirmation via e-mail. Check to see that your name appears here on the List of Tournaments Entries for the 2017 outdoor season. If it does not appear — and you have received e-mail confirmation, contact Chris Slade to check on your registration status.