Life Membership

Life Members of the Club
OBLBC Life Members

Life Memberships plaque displayed in Carnarvon House

This page was created October 24, 2015 and is still under development. If anyone can add biographical information about any of the names listed below, please e-mail Chris Slade or phone 250-592-7533 so that the webpage can be improved.
Latest update May 03, 2016 with new picture of the Life Members plaque which adds Harnam Grewal ‘s name.

The election of members to Life Membership is governed by the Life Membership Policy.

The following are the past and present members who have been elected to Life Membership for their long and outstanding service to the club.

Frank Appleton Joe Crawford Amy Crawford
Rita Gray Doreen Green Dorothy Hadfield
Lee Jameson Ben Lang Arch McMillan
Will Mowat Bob Stewart John Wanstall
Thora Mowat Betty Clynick Fred Montpetit
Ridley Carver John Anderson Fran McAdoo
Fred McLeod Mavis Beechey Barry Browning
Harnam Grewal    


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