Machan Magic at Thursday Special Draw

One of the club’s more popular bowling events is the Thursday Special Draw. The brainchild of Fred McLeod, it has continued over the years thanks to a number of members who answered the call to manage the draw. For the past few years this event has been ably managed by Margaret and Jeff Machan.

August 16 saw 60 members participate in this friendly competition. While the tall bags won by the highest scoring team were said to contain liquid refreshment, the draw prize winners too won bottles of liquid, or more correctly semi-liquid. One draw prize winner said it was a honey of a prize!

For those unfamiliar with the format, the skips are given a paper scorecard (shown below in the photo gallery) before the participants draw for their teams and rinks. Following each game the skip records only the shots scored for each game and enters the total for the two games. Highest total of shots for is the winner of the draw.

There’s always something happening at the club and today it was the perfect day for many to be out on the green playing with friends in the Thursday Special Draw.

Winners (L to R) Harry Walker (vice), Eric Ballinger (skip), Gordie Hawkins (lead), Marg Machan (presenter)

Draw prize winner Garry Anderson

Draw prize winner Marilyn Turpin

Draw prize winner Ian Capon