Margaret Smith Daffodil Women’s Pairs

Thirty teams entered the tournament with only six surviving to the final game of the A, B and C Events. Two Oak Bay teams competed in this final round.

The Daffodil tournament has been renamed the Margaret Smith Daffodil Women’s Pairs in memory of Margaret, a popular lawn bowler who made a major contribution to her Central Saanich club and to the sport of bowls. In accepting the prize envelope for the B Event, Joan Firkins mentioned that when she was 16 years old, Margaret was her high school Phys Ed teacher. For many years Margaret coached lawn bowlers at her club earning their respect and admiration.


B Event winners, Donna Blackstock (lead), Joan Firkins (skip)


C Event, Runners-up, Henriette Ballinger (skip), Linda Carswell-Bland (lead)