Marketing our club

We are continually looking for innovative ways to make the public aware of our existence so that we can continue to recruit new members. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons we lose approximately 10-15% of our members each year. Membership losses can only be replaced, and the club achieve net growth, if we continue recruitment efforts following our open houses.

A new approach is being tried this year called “rolling billboards”. This will involve offering for sale to members, magnetic club signs for your vehicles, at or below cost.

Two versions of these signs are available, one a 6” x 6”, “Go Lawn Bowl” sign with the club’s name, suitable for display on a vehicle’s rear. The cost for this sign is $7 each. The other measuring 14” W x 15” H for our more enthusiastic club promoters, is a set of two identical signs, one each for the driver and passenger door. These large signs have a cost to the club of $74 per set but the first 20 sets sold will be at $37 per set thanks to a generous donation from a small group of club members.

Magnetic signs for vehicles offer a number of benefits:

  • Safe. Please Google search this subject to allay any concerns you may have about a magnet sign on a vehicle.
  • Removable. When the outdoor season ends, just remove and put them away until the following spring. If you are attending certain events, for example a funeral, where you may not want them on your vehicle, you can easily take them off and replace afterwards.
  • Exposure. Our club’s name and an image of the sport will be made visible to the public wherever you drive and park.

Want to participate? Contact me and sign up today.

Eric Ballinger, Publicity Member OBLBC