Singapore report

Lawn bowling takes you everywhere!

I am finding solace in my extended lawn bowling “family” in Singapore. Once again, members of the lawn bowling sections of two prestigious private clubs welcomed me with open arms. The clubs are: Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) and the Tanglin Club. The fraternity and warm hospitality have made my visit a lot easier to bear (…nine more sleeps to go!)


Obviously, I’m the visitor! Apparently, on Saturday and Sunday, the dress code is Whites or club shirts (weekdays can be of any colour), but visitors are exempt. Whew!

singapore_photo2 L-R: Hui Kai (Captain of the SCC Lawn Bowling Section), Rodger Kimpton (Convenor of the Tanglin Club Lawn Bowling Section), me, Mary Lim, Chai Lew Foong, and Peck Tee Kimpton (Tanglin Club).

The bowlers in club shirts are local champions. They have represented Singapore in many tournaments. It was a privilege to be bowling with them. Both Mary Lim and Chai Lew Foong of SCC fondly remember our beautiful Butchart Gardens.

The mention of SCC will bring back fond memories to Harnam who had a great time playing Hockey on the “Padang” (a Malay word for field), where SCC has been located since the 1860s, over 150 years ago! The Tanglin Club was founded in 1865.


Prem Arnand, the lawn bowling Convenor of the Singapore Recreation Club.

The greens at the SCC are immaculate, and a joy to bowl on! The Tanglin Club’s greens are located on the rooftop and use artificial turf (pretty fast!), much like the greens at some of the Australian clubs we visited earlier in the year.


Velu, Vice Captain of the SCC. You can see in the background how immaculate the greens are!

SCC’s Lawn Bowling Convenor (Prem Arnand), Vice Captain (Velu) and many of their players have invited our members to come and bowl with them! So too, Rodger Kimpton, Convenor of the Tanglin Club’s Lawn Bowling Section.

Coincidentally, Bowls Australia’s regional manager, Paul Holtschke, and his wife were also visiting the Tanglin Club when I was there. It was such a pleasure bowling with them. Paul also invited our members to play in Australia.


On your right is the SCC clubhouse. In the background is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its iconic roofline like that of a ship sailing in the sky.

singapore_photo6 To familiarize you with faces for when any one of you plans to visit, here are photos of the lovely people.

L-R: Peter de Braux and Derek Hodgkinson (both from Tanglin Club), me, Catherine and Paul Holtschke (Bowls Australia).

See you all soon.

Mary Forster, currently in sunny Singapore

November 2, 2014