Mat News

Winter activities of all types continue at the club. The photos below are from a January 15th league short mat game between Sandy & Rod Armitage and Suzanne & Erik Ewen.

The Scotch Pairs game was preceded by a flu season elbow bump rather than the traditional handshake. At the halfway point in their 14 end game the teams were tied. The second half, however, saw the Ewens pull ahead and capture the win. One player even demonstrated the importance of doing a bias check prior to delivery of a bowl. Postgame the players apparently forgot themselves and in the spirit of the moment all shook hands and congratulated one another on their fine play.

The recent publicity surrounding the five guys who will represent our club at the World Short Mat Championships might give the impression that short mat is a men’s game. Far from it. Some of the best bowlers in the club, both on the green and on the mat, are and always have been, women. Perhaps we’ll see some of these women also venture afar to earn fame, if not fortune, for themselves and the club in the coming years.

There remains a good deal of short mat left to be played this season. All members are encouraged to come out and participate in this great indoor game.