McEwan Men’s Pairs

Winners (L to R) Jim Cunningham (lead), Brent Merchant (skip)

2nd Place, Stuart Fraser (lead), Chris Slade (skip), Andrew Harley (presenter)

3rd Place, Gordie Hawkins (lead), Art Antrobus (skip), Andrew Harley

Sixteen teams competed this year in the McEwan Men’s Pairs. A good deal of excellent bowling took place on great greens supported by our female members.

No, that’s not Brent collecting prize money for winning the tournament. Rather, he’s showing the money he received from the sale of surplus club chairs which he managed to do during the tournament.

Three teams finished the three game tournament without a loss. The team of Chris Slade and Stuart Fraser managed the rare feat of scoring a perfect end. Well done to all and happy bowling for the rest of the season.