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Facilities Suggestion Box 

Being a member of club and participating in its activities has enormous rewards. We get to share our passion with others, we learn new things and make new and lasting friendships within our club, community, and even sometimes across the country.

Building and maintaining a strong club takes effort and foresight. Its important to keep asking ourselves “what do we need to do” to keep members returning each year.

We are putting together a long term plan with respect to our facilities so that when funding is available, we have a list of projects to choose from. To do this, we need your ideas on what projects we need to be thinking about.  These can be ideas with respect to buildings, greens, media devices, gardens, electronics or just about anything you can think of that could benefit our members

Its anonymous, quick and easy. Just fill out the form below and press submit. To see a list of ideas submitted thus far, go Here