Pill bottles

For several years empty pill bottles have been donated by club members. These bottles, dropped off at the club, were sent to Doctors Without Borders for use in underdeveloped countries where they would replace paper to wrap pills which became susceptible to moisture and accidental access by children … [Read more...]

Tips & Tricks

As a website visitor you might not have noticed a useful feature for locating information. It’s the simple search box. Search boxes are not new but many websites don’t provide them and that can make locating specific information difficult and time consuming. You’re probably familiar with “Googling” … [Read more...]


Quietly and largely out of sight, an army of club members continues to perform tasks of every type in numerous areas of the club’s operation. Taken together, these contributions make an incredible difference. They also allow us to enjoy the special relationship we have with one another through … [Read more...]

Greenslade Men’s Triples – UPDATE

Greenslade Men's Triples Good news! The Greenslade Men’s Triples trophy has been brought out of mothballs and will once again be competed for by teams from Bowls South Island (BSI) clubs. The trophy was donated by Lewis William Greenslade, one of the five founding members of our club. It was … [Read more...]

2019 Short Mat Inter Club Tournament

2019 Inter Club Short Mat Tournament The Oak Bay Bowling hosted a short mat tournament over weekend of January 25th through January 27th. Teams from across Victoria arrived at club to do battle from mid-day Friday until Sunday afternoon. The entry saw teams from bowling clubs; Oak Bay, Lake Hill, … [Read more...]


Members and visitors coming to our club have four main options for parking. In the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road, on Eastdowne Road, on Harlow Drive or in the larger parking lot off Henderson Road. Typically members and visitors use either the parking lot off of Eastdowne Road or on Eastdowne … [Read more...]

Detectives Wanted

Maintaining our website requires many hours of painstaking attention to detail. Despite the best efforts of the Website Committee members, mistakes do happen. Website problems occur for many reasons. Sometimes they’re the result of technical glitches. Other times it’s plain old human error – … [Read more...]

What were they thinking?

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Let’s get organized

An updated version of the Club’s organization chart is now available on the website. Along the top menu line of the home page please navigate as follows: The Club > Administration (menu) > Club Organization Chart. Alternatively a link to the chart can be found in the bottom footer of the home … [Read more...]

Capital Projects Suggestion Plan

Your Executive continues to collect revenue from a variety of traditional sources, including membership dues, the use of grocery cards, bar sales, and so forth. Additionally, applications are made for various grants, all to help fund the many expenses we face as a large and well-equipped club. For … [Read more...]