Short Mat Tournament – March 10, 2018

Our third and last Short Mat Tournament of the season was held on Saturday 10th March.  These one day tournaments have been really successful this year, due to the fact that we have a third Mat in Carnarvon House. Small tables complete with flowers from Sandy and Rod's garden surround the … [Read more...]

The hour draws near

              The hour draws near   2018 Short Mat Bowls World Championships - Strömstad, Sweden As Andrew Harley wrote in his message to members, four of our five team members will leave tomorrow (March 11) for Sweden, with one, Brent Jansen having … [Read more...]

Fundraising here

SHORT MAT BOWLERS TO 2018 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Five members of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club - David Anderson, Andrew Harley, Brent Jansen, Mitch O'Brien and Chris Slade will compete in the 2018 Short Mat Bowls World Championships to be held in Strömstad, Sweden from March 16 to 18, … [Read more...]

Short Mat Bowlers from Nanaimo

Short Mat Bowlers from Nanaimo Bowling Club What a welcome sight to see the up island bowlers arrive for a visit to Oak Bay Bowling Club. A dozen short mat bowlers from Nanaimo arrived at OBLBC for a day of friendly short mat bowling. After the chaos on the Malahat the previous day, it was … [Read more...]

On the lighter side

  Have you heard what's going on behind the scenes as our short mat team prepares for Sweden?   How were they able to consult him?   They said they'd use our donations to rent a van but isn't this a little over the top?   Barcodes are everywhere today (Why does the … [Read more...]

Youth bowling news

While not as exotic as a bowling trip to Sweden, Luci Ewen ventured north of the Malahat to participate in a provincial youth indoor bowling competition held at Qualicum Beach LBC, February 17 & 18. Although she did not finish in the prizes, Luci nevertheless gained valuable competitive … [Read more...]

Prepare & Pre-prayer

Preparations continue for the 2018 World Short Mat Bowls Championships. Our five members of Team Canada are shown proudly wearing their new team jackets. Soon they will also receive their team shirts. These club members will make up one quarter of the Canadian Team. Our members were … [Read more...]

An indoor club for now

A camera-happy club member dropped by the club on a wet and soggy February 17, 2018 to take a few photos of our club in "slumber mode". As you can see in the following photos, our wooden entrance sign is a little tired looking but there are plans in the works to have it replaced. An industrious … [Read more...]

Strömstad draws nearer

The countdown continues to the World Short Mat Bowls Championships. Less than a month to go before play begins and our club members are all but living on the mat as they continue to hone their skills in preparation. Brent Jansen will depart on March 5th to first visit family in Denmark. David … [Read more...]

Short Mat Tournament February 3rd 2018

Short Mat Tournament February 3rd,  2018 Saturday February 3rd saw the first short mat tournament of 2018. Thirty players gathered in Carnarvon and Anderson house to play a series of triples games. The 30 players made up 10 teams of three players drawn randomly from the RSVP sign-up of skips, … [Read more...]