Next Stop – World Championships (Updated Dec 15)

The Oak Bay team, Andrew, Brent, David and Mitch have been invited to be part of the Canadian Short Mat team to represent Canada in the world championships in Strömstad, Sweden this coming March 15-18. The team has unanimously agreed to go, why wouldn’t we? A great chance play the best teams in the world and to explore Oslo, which is the nearest major city to Strömstad, just over the border in Norway.

Canada now is one of the larger countries in terms of numbers belonging to short mat associations across the globe (mind you we have a way to go to catch Ireland which has 30,000 members). In order to become a voting member of the World Council, Canada needs to send a team of 20 players to the worlds. At last count it appears to have 19, so with any luck we should reach those 20 players. Planning is already under way.

Update December 15: The Canadian National Team has been announced. The 20th player will also be from Oak Bay, so we will have five players from our club on the team.

The team took a day off today to see the McMichael Collection in Kleinburg some 30 mins north of our rental house. The collection consisted of Group of Seven paintings, a show of art by Alex Janvier, a Group of Seven Guitar project and a collection of Inuit art by Annie Pootoogook. A wonderful morning. Followed by a delightful Pub Lunch in Kleinburg.

The evening was, of cause, taken with the Grey Cup with that wonderful groaner of a play to hand Toronto the win. There will some heads shaking In Calgary! Tomorrow is the Royal Ontario Museum, we are having some culture after all that bowling!

Brent, Andrew, Mitch and David

Until tomorrow.

Part of the group of seven; on the right is A Y Jackson

Mount Leroy,  by Lawren Harris.