No news from Lake Hill

No news from Lake Hill

Lake Hill Invitational Tournament 2017 champions Brent Jansen, Karen Evans and John Cossom

Updated May 11 with new evidence.

It’s true! The Lake Hill short mat invitational tournament produced no news that was any different from last year. But, in this case, no news was indeed good news.

For more than a week, your reporting staff have been casting around for some “angle” to lend excitement to this story.

But we have found nothing new. All we can say is that Brent Jansen, Karen Evans and John Cossom are still the champions, having retained the title they won last year as best among the 16 teams from Greater Victoria clubs attending the February 24-26 event.

Lake Hill Invitational Tournament 2016 champions Brent Jansen, Karen Evans and John Cossom

Even the pictures are almost identically posed from year to year. Can you see the tiny differences? This year: John and Karen appear to have given up drinking, but Brent has not; Brent has grabbed the trophy plate from Karen, but she still hangs on to the prize money. The players have changed their clothes. But other than that . . . (Update: see postscript below.)

If you want to find out more–and surely you do!– read last year’s Lake Hill Tournament report on our new 2016 Photos and News Items page, where Eric and Henriette Ballinger have painstakingly assembled every news item to make up the year’s club history–and they have done the same for 2014 and 2015. See these pages on the NEWS menu of this website.

If you really want to see “same old, same old”, take a look at the 2015 Lake Hill Tournament report and click on the photo. You can see that Brent has posed in front of locker 26 with his long-time cronies, (who prefer to stand in front of lockers 31 and 36) ever since he joined our club!

So three years in a row of Lake Hill Tournament successes for the Jansen/Evans/Cossom team, (a.k.a 26/31/36.) Well done!

Reporting by Chris Slade (who wasn’t actually there, but has pieced together this story based on photographic evidence.)


POST SCRIPT: March 11. One of our more observant readers has spotted that there may be a very significant difference between the two pictures. . .

If you look closely at the 2016 picture, you will see what may be a miniaturized radio antenna affixed to the top of the head of each man!

Now, I don’t for a moment suppose – and neither should you – that any member of our club would use radio-controlled bowls to win a championship. That kind of thing might happen at the men’s drop in on Thursday mornings at the club, where the behaviour can verge on the notorious, but surely not in an interclub tournament where Oak Bay’s reputation is at stake?

At least there is absolutely no evidence of any radio device in the picture following the 2017 contest, so we can all be confident that one was won fair and square.   🙂