Novice Men’s & Women’s Competition

Novice Men’s Winner Edward Lounsbury, Novice Women’s Winner Ellen Langdon

Novice Men’s Finalists (L to R) Mitch O’Brien 2nd Place, Edward Lounsbury 1st Place, Derek Langdon 3rd Place

Novice Women’s Finalists (L to R) Dale Mosher 2nd Place, Ellen Langdon 1st Place, Christine Shepherd 3rd Place

The number of entries for this year’s Novice Men’s Singles competition, and in particular the Novice Women’s Singles, were down a little from the past. Nevertheless, this had no impact on the quality of play. Many oohs and aahs where heard from the spectators as our newest bowlers put on a show hard to match by even the most experienced veterans.

Congratulations to all who entered. Playing in any competition deepens one’s knowledge of the game and provides an opportunity to make new friends.  Unfortunately, it also calls to mind the question, “Why is such a simple game so hard to play?“.

The following photos show the original Novice Men’s and Women’s trophies along with plaques, which today record the annual winners. For the Men’s trophy, it is interesting to see how in “the old days” the bowler was depicted as wearing a fedora, a long sleeve shirt with sleeves rolled up, and a tie. Presumably the bowl in his hand is black.

Best wishes to all novices, whether or not you entered this tournament. May you enjoy the upcoming competitions, visits to other clubs, dinners and the many other activities available to you and members of your club.