Oak Bay Captures Silver and Bronze in Pairs

Another busy day at the Canadian Short Mat Championships. The day started with Brent and Mitch versus Andrew and David, playing in a pairs semi-final. This turned out to be a titanic struggle for supremacy. The game went to the 15th end, tied at 13-all; a one-end tie breaker for the right to play in the final.  It came down to this: Andrew lying two with Brent to play his final bowl….grr…Brent removes shot bowl to take the win! Well done Brent and Mitch who went on to play for the Gold Medal, with Andrew and David playing for the Bronze Medal.

The Bronze Medal game was nerve-wracking; tied 12-all with the final bowl to play. Luckily for us, our opponents missed their winning shot by 1/2 inch. Win for Andrew and David!

Brent and Mitch, playing for the Gold Medal, held a lead for most of the match, again, coming down to the final shot, with Brent holding a two-point lead and lying two in the head. He was playing against Martin Foxhall who, with his last shot, removed Brent’s bowls and ended up with three shot bowls….game over! Brent wins the Silver medal.

A quick medal presentation and back to business! In the afternoon, we started playing the Triples competition. Brent, David and Andrew played together while Mitch played with another team that needed a replacement player. We played three matches in the afternoon without any losses. Tomorrow sees more round-robin play followed by the playoffs.

We are all exhausted, heading home, picking up groceries. Mitch, it turns out, is a great cook producing wonderful pasta dish for the team, thank you Mitch!

Until tomorrow,

Andrew, Brent, David and Mitch