Oak Bay Team on the Mats

We are finally on the mats today. There are eight mats and a show mat. Four of the mats are brand new, right out of the package and four are newish mats. The show mat is also new. All the mats are fast except the new mats which, being so new, are slower, just like our own new mat. We did spend some 5 hrs. practicing today and we are pretty tired. Mitch did his magic in the kitchen tonight; much appreciated by all.

We did bump into one or two players which we knew; Mary Lou who is in the contest and Nick Watkins who left Victoria some three years ago. Good to meet up with such friends.

Contest starts in earnest tomorrow with the singles. We are all in the event, playing (I can’t really believe it) five 15 end games, back to back. We may be too tired to report tomorrow!

Cheers Andrew, David, Mitch and Brent