Oak Bay Wins Gold

Andrew Harley, Brent Jansen, Mitch O'Brien, David Anderson

Oak Bay four wins gold at the 2017 Canadian Short Mat Championships. L to R: Andrew Harley, Brent Jansen, Mitch O’Brien, David Anderson


Well finally, the bowlers managed to overcome the opposition and take the Gold Medal in the Fours event in the Canadian Short Mat Championships.

Brent, David, Mitch and Andrew went through the rounds of the Fours without defeat! Everybody played well, and while there was some excellent bowlers in the event, the Oak Bay team had good bowlers at each position and came together as a team. Everybody played their position well. That is not always easy. As a lead, it’s not always easy to put the bowls behind the jack. At this level of play, the jack will certainly move back at some point during the end, leaving bowls in front in limbo or to just to become obstructions. You play the position not your pride! Anyway it was wonderful to win the gold and put BC and Oak Bay Bowls on the map!

We had a lot of positive feedback and thanks for making it all the way from Vancouver Island. I don’t think they realized how good short mat bowling has become in Victoria. The team won thirteen trophies out of a possible thirty, we made our mark! Oak Bay Bowling is on the map.

Down to earth now, we are just relaxing at the house with a glass of wine pondering a trip to Sweden for the world championships. The Canadian Short Mat Association has asked the Oak Bay team to be part of the team representing Canada at the world championships in Sweden next March. What a challenge, I hope we live up to the responsibility. 

We are returning to Victoria next Wednesday to a ticker-tape parade. 

Cheers Brent, David, Mitch and Andrew, Canadian Champions!

Update: For full Championships results see the News page on the CSMBA website.