Open House draws BIG crowd

Another successful Open House gave the public an opportunity to “kick the tires” of our sport and club. The weather was typical of Victoria, cool, cloudy with a bit of drizzle, although not enough to deter our visitors.

A collection of club members was on hand to help showcase the event. Marketing our club doesn’t end with an open house. Our Friday Visitors Night has shown increasing promise as a way to connect with the public. And word of mouth continues to be a highly effective means for recruiting new members.

There appears to be no antidote for those bitten by the “bowling bug”, so we hope our guests today will leave infected with curiosity for the sport, which in time will lead to them becoming lawn bowlers. We also hope those who rolled a few bowls for the first time, and took the opportunity to view our facilities, will be sufficiently impressed to consider taking lessons and joining our club.