News posts of 2017 have been assembled here – an interesting photo essay on the club.

 Oak Bay LBC was on CTV News December 27. View here. 

GOLD at the Canadian Short Mat Championships! See BOWLING ABROAD below.

World Short Mat Championships in Sweden

from today.

About Us

About Us

There are no better words than those of our 200+ members to tell you about us and what we can offer. They tell us they enjoy:

  • Year-round daily club activities;
  • Welcoming, friendly and relaxing atmosphere;
  • Wonderful camaraderie with members;
  • Fun and exciting place;
  • Two beautiful greens and two club houses (one is licensed);
  • Two short mat bowls rinks for off-season play;
  • Coaches dedicated to new members;
  • Bowls available for beginners;
  • Family and friends coming to our Visitors Night every Friday during summer – and it’s free!


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Latest News & Photos

Latest News & Photos


Upcoming Events

  Upcoming Events

Fairway Community Card

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We have now signed up for the Fairway Community Card program. There is no annual limit on the funds that can be raised with this card. We have set a target of $5,000.

Contact Mary Magill for your Fairway Community Card.

Thrifty Foods Smile Card

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Smile Card goal of $3,000 was reached last year. As of April 29, we started again, hoping that we can collectively raise another $3000 this year. Click on the bar chart above and see how easy it is to donate to the club.

Contact Mary Magill for your Smile Card.