Pairs tournament a success!

Short Mat Tournament 2016-04-02The Saturday April 2 pairs short mat tournament, for two-year novices and non-league players, went extremely well – so well that it was completed an hour earlier than the posted time!

The advertised format was changed from Cutthroat to Scotch Pairs to best suit the number of players. The final game of the day decided the winners of the tournament: they were Sandy Armitage & Sylvia Sinclair, while the runners-up were Marcia Thorneycroft & Anne Payne. They were followed by Fern Price & Eric Payne, and Ronni Stinson & David Sinclair.

All enjoyed the day. They made some great shots, spent little time in discussing strategy or type of shot to go for, and when playing Skip, hardly saw the need to visit the head.

So now we know that it takes novice players to really move the game along. (Note to experienced players: “Watch . . . and learn.” 🙂