Police Thank You

I sent the following letter to the Oak Bay Police Department recently. FYI:

Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club
December 30, 2018

Chief Constable Andy Brinton
Oak Bay Police Department
1703 Monterey Ave,
Victoria, BC V8R 5V6

Dear Chief Constable Brinton:

As you might be aware, the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club experienced two break and enters in April and November this year. On the evening of November 12, 2018 Constable Martin was able to reach me via telephone after accessing our website and calling a number of our members. This resulted in him taking considerable time in finding someone available at 23:30hrs that evening. We thank your Department for being able to apprehend the one female and for recognizing her male accomplice. Your department was notified of this B&E via one of our neighbours and I have met with him and his family, gave them a thank you card and a gift certificate to the Penny Farthing.

The B&E of November 12 pointed to a need for your Department to have our contact numbers readily available in the event of an emergency. Below are the names and contact numbers of four club members that your Department can contact at any time:

David Anderson 250-595-7272 (Home)
250-882-8945 (Cell)

Brent Merchant 250-595-3776 (Home)
250-882-3115 (Cell)

Rod Armitage 250-590-1878 (Home)

Garry Anderson 250-220-5415 (Home)

I trust this will result in a more efficient and effective communication system between your Department and our club. On behalf of the Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club members I thank you and your officers for your service.


Brent Merchant
President Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club
1744 St. Ann St., Victoria BC, V8R 5V8