Prepare & Pre-prayer

Preparations continue for the 2018 World Short Mat Bowls Championships.

(back L to R) David Anderson, Chris Slade, Andrew Harley, (front) Brent Jansen, Mitch O’Brien

Our five members of Team Canada are shown proudly wearing their new team jackets. Soon they will also receive their team shirts.

These club members will make up one quarter of the Canadian Team. Our members were introduced through an Oak Bay News article as well as a CTV news video. The video is available in the link on the banner of the club website’s home page. Some fellow team mates from down east are also introduced in the news item here.  Note: The  video ends with the original dates of March 23 to 25. The correct dates are now March 16 to 18.

Following are a few words from Brent Jansen to provide club members with information on their current status:

We are all very excited and can hardly wait to be playing in Sweden representing Canada and OBLBC. We have flights, hotels, car rentals all booked as well as Canada team clothing and the bowls we will be taking with us. We would like to thank everyone for all the best wishes received and the fundraising support received to date which will be used for team clothing and renting a van to transport us and our equipment to the venue.

The entire Victoria team will be bowling with Taylor Aces; as well we will be taking a set of Vectors (slightly narrower bowls) just in case the mats are very fast. It was very prudent that we brought both sets for the Nationals in Toronto as both sets were required. We are practicing four times a week as well as league games and miscellaneous tournaments. The games in Sweden will be a round robin format. We look forward while abroad to keeping everyone informed through Andrew’s blog on the club website.

Sincerely, Brent

Thanks Brent, we’ll keep the bubbly on ice until you all return.