Garden Sale, Anderson House, Website Committee

May 8, 2018

To All Oak Bay members,

Garden Sale: The club will be holding a Garden Sale on May 26th (Saturday) from 10 am to 12 noon at the club.  Georgia Thorneycroft is coordinating the event.  The gardening crew have been able to prune some plants from the garden.  They are looking for good used garden tools and other items.  Please check the website for more details.  Proceeds from the sale will go towards the Anderson House project.

Anderson House Project: The Anderson House project group met with an Architect today.  He will be drawing up the plans as part of the permit application before renovations can start.  We will be in good shape to have the work start on Sept 8th as planned.

Website Committee Membership: The website committee met today.  There is a lot of good work underway with this group.  They could use some more members to help with website development and updates.  If interested, please contact Brent Merchant.