Report from May 16 Board Meeting

May 17, 2018

To all Oak Bay members,

There were a number of items from last night board meeting that I want to let you know about.

President’s Blog: Future information to the members will be in the form of a “Presidents Blog” on the club website.  I or the current president will continue to email everyone with the basic information with more details on the website.

Dress code for club tournaments: With the new club shirts that are black with green and grey trim, the following attire for club tournaments will be accepted.  Whites, club shirts of any colour or teams in matching shirts and shorts/skirts/pants.  Black shorts/pants will be accepted.

Practice policy: This has been changed to allow practice at any time.  Wording will be posted in Anderson House.  If a draw or tournament is scheduled or about to start, the member wishing to practice must check with the drawmaster or tournament chair to check on available rinks.

Kitchen volunteers: This is becoming a difficult year for Sylvia in many ways.  With regards to the kitchen staffing, it has been a challenge to find monthly coordinators.  Joan Roberts is doing May and could be looking at doing June as well.  August is covered, but July and September are in need of coordinators.  The volunteer signup sheets have also been posted in Anderson House to be more visible to the members.  Your help is needed if the club is to have the kitchen open during tournaments.  Baked goods do not appear for breaks if some of your fellow members do not buy the baking supplies and use their own ovens to do the baking.  The choice is yours on how we move forward into the bowling season.

Charges for coffee, tea and snacks: The board, on the recommendation of the House and Social committee, have increased the fee to $3 for one day tournaments or $4.50 for two day tournaments ($1.50 per break).  This will be reflected in tournament fees or direct payment at the kitchen counter starting June 1st.

BC-Alberta Challenge at Juan de Fuca: A competition between the two provinces from May 25 to 27.  A variety of different formats featuring single, mixed 3-bowl pairs, men’s and women’s 2-bowl triples and fours.  Draw times are Friday at 6:15, Sat at 9:30, 1:15 and 4 and Sun at 9:30.  Juan de Fuca website should have more information.


Allan Wood