Presidents Cup

Steve Dix, Mary Magill, Brent Merchant

The Presidents Cup is a yearly tournament that typically marks the start of the outdoor bowling season. Presidents of the 11 Bowls South Island Clubs are invited to attend and to form a mixed triples team composed of members from their executive members. On May 11th the Sidney Lawn Bowling Club hosted the event with all BSI clubs attending with the exception of Burnside LBC, which was hosting their “open house”. The tournament was a triple, two-bowl tournament of three 10-end games. The final scores were close but our Oak Bay team successfully won the Presidents Cup by edging out Juan de Fuca by a mere two points. Sidney LBC kindly provided hot dogs (and their world famous onions), salad, chips, sweets and fruit for all participants. Our Oak Bay team was composed of Mary Magill (lead), Steve Dix (third) and Brent Merchant (Skip).